The Effects of Dog Fighting (or any other type of animal fighting) are Far Reaching

It is Cruel to Animals

Dogs involved in dog fights are often severely injured--or killed--during the fight. These fights may last for hours until one of the animals quits or dies. Furthermore, these animals often do not receive veterinary attention. Losers that do not die may be tortured, starved to death, or killed outright by their owners. Other animals, such as owned pets or strays may be stolen and used as "bait" to train fighting dogs, often suffering before they die.

It is Dangerous to People--Especially Children

Exposure to dog fighting can have a direct effect on our children. They can be bitten or attacked by dogs used in fighting. They can be hurt or abused by other people at dog fights. They are also exposed to gangs, weapons, drugs, and gambling because those who fight animals are prone to participate in other illegal activities.

But beyond these immediate dangers, violence that is condoned and encouraged, such as in these fights, can effect children (as well as adults) by promoting a desensitization to the suffering others. They show that an acceptance of violence is a "norm."

It Degrades Our Community

Dog fighting promotes crime, such as cruelty to animals, violence to others, theft, drug use/possession/distribution, illegal weapons use/possession, and gambling. It also creates fear in our neighborhoods of being attacked or killed by dogs, as well as fear of people who use fighting dogs to intimidate others. Long term, dog fighting affects the community by promoting a culture of violence. Neighborhoods learn to accept violence as a normal facet of daily life. Often, people will feel like "prisoners in their own homes" because they do not feel it is safe to go out into the neighborhood.

Ways To Help

To help eradicate dog fighting and the problems it brings:

Report all neighborhood nuisances, such as large numbers of dogs, excessive barking, illegal kennels, unusual number of people "coming and going," and abandoned buildings, garages, or lots.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Maintain community awareness

Remember, you can be a voice for the helpless.

Oh, and let’s not forget that dog fighting is illegal in Dominica…

Participating in, or being a spectator at a dog fight is a criminal activity.

(see Chapter 61:01, Protection of Animals Act in the Laws of Dominica).

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