One of the  most important aspect of our mission is to educate the public on the importance of the bond between people, animals and the earth.

March 2004 to present:

More than 13,000 children have been visited in schools throughout the island and we are now seeing children completing the second and third year of the curriculum.

In addition to the school visits, some 100 children have taken part in our summer workshops and we have a great Youth Group that encompasses young people between the ages of 14 to 17 years old.

Humane Education Program

The Humane Society of Dominica  has developed a humane education program aimed at school children, grades 4 through Form II. The curriculum is divided in 10 seperate lessons, 2 lessons per grade. Schools interested in inviting our teacher to give our 50 minute interactive lessons or even schedule an out of school activity allowing their students to come to our information room simply need to contact us to set up an appropriate time.

Apart from our standard currciculum, we also customize our presentations to address other groups, from preschool children to adults.

In addition to implementing the humane education curriculum in and out of schools, our teacher and volunteers also periodically schedule evening or week-end projections of entertaining animal themed videos in our information room and invite the wider community to drop by and take part in the various activities linked to the Humane Society.

Schools, teachers and community centers

If you are interested in having our humane values educator address your class or your group, please contact us at (767) 440-4080 or via e-mail at We’ll be delighted to schedule a presentation for you.

Meet our Assistant Director and our Assistant Humane Values Educator

On the left, Yola Toussaint, who is our Assistant Director, joined the Humane Society because of her desire to teach children. Working in close collaboration with schools, she also specializes in developing the curriculum and addressing non-traditional methods of teaching.

On the right, Joanne Bedminister, our assistant humane educator; Joanne assists Yola in teaching at schools throughout the island, is very involved with the Youth Group and takes an active interest in doing the liaison work when we need to find new homes for animals.

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