Our animals

I've seen it happen many times,

As I will tell you in these rhymes.

Learn to treat our animals well,

You'll be rewarded, time will tell.

To keep the balance in nature,

We must care for every creature.

Sometimes we get more than we give,

When we care for, and help them live.

Animals teach us faithfulness­

They respond well to our kindness.

They can be taught to help mankind;

Animals give health to the mind.

Kindness makes them gentle and mild.

Maybe you've seen a hurting child,

Take comfort from a caring pet;

Part of the blessings that we get.

If you are feeling down and blue,

A pet can be a friend so true.

He'll stick with you through thick and thin,

You'll think that he is next of kin.

They go through life with such a zest­

See how they work, building their nests.

With patience, love, care for the young

They inspire us to be strong.

Some animals are in great plight,

F or shelter some has taken flight.

We must protect their habitat.

Let us work hard to do just that.

Animals are gifts from nature,

To be preserved for the future.

Teach each other to be humane

And let our animals remain.

- Vida Toussaint

Submitted for our 2005 Art & Essay Contest and featured in our 2006 Calendar.

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