NOW - Education We have developed and implemented a humane education program, which we present in Dominica’s schools and community centers as well as in our educational headquarters in Roseau. Without a growing pool of interested and caring minds, our efforts would be short-lived and we firmly believe that our foremost mission is to ensure that all children in Dominica have the opportunity to make informed choices when the time comes for them to consider wider community, environment and ecological issues. We hope our humane education program can complement the general curriculum in these areas.

NOW - Spay and Neuter, Start the Culture! Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is promoted by international organizations such as ASPCA and HSUS as the most humane and effective alternative to euthanasia for managing animal over populations. Working together with local communities is the only long term solution, the most humane and comprehensive approach that includes education and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. These sterilizations will save thousands of helpless puppies and kittens being born into a life of suffering, disease and painful deaths.  Less stray animals also provide safer and healthier communities. And education will bring more compassionate behavior, for all beings, human and animal alike. Spaying/neutering/releasing will provide a dramatic reduction in the number of puppies and kittens that will be born to suffer on the streets of Dominica.  

So our goal is to raise EC $20,000 which translates into 100 spay/neuter surgeries on stray animals in 2015.

AT SOME POINT - Community services and emergency facilities  

Funds permitting, our next project is to train an Animal Welfare Officer who would work tightly with the police force and help the communities investigate animal welfare problems. In conjunction with this, we would like to build an emergency shelter to temporarily hold homeless and neglected animals. Apart from our educational headquarters in town, which hold a small public space with educational tools such as documentation, books and videos dedicated to animal welfare, conservation and environment issues, we would like to offer a hands-on emergency shelter to give children and adults alike a place to drop by if they have affinities with our goals or if they need immediate assistance with a homeless or neglected animal. Land has been donated to us for this future purpose.

LATER ON - Veterinary Trailer Clinic The grant from the Daniel Langlois Foundation (DLF) of Canada is allowing us to continue with a project to raise funds to match the sum awarded by the DLF for the purchase and operation of a veterinary trailer clinic. We are happy to work towards this goal which will enable us to bring information as well as spay and neuter services throughout the island.

With the support of the community, we hope that all of these projects will be successful in making Dominica a world-class example of what an island nation can achieve in terms of fostering humane treatment of all its inhabitants, great and small.

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We have designed three public awareness campaigns:

Kindness to all

Spaying and neutering

Dog fighting

In addition to ads published in the newspapers, we work at creating community awareness towards these issues through our humane education program, our Humane Youth Group activities and by collaborating with other like-minded organizations on the island.